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Countertop Math
           NOTE: This is just an example, measurements vary & are all unique. 
Here is a very simple way to gather your own rough measurements, with a little helpful tips to get you as close as possible to the actual size. 
1stimportant thing to keep in mind is the measurements are always rounded up size. Example if your area measurements come out to 55.3" you would write down 56."
2nd important factor is stone overhang is a standard 1.5" pass the ending of the base structure (what the stone will be sitting on) edging. Example if your cabinets measure 24" in depth you would write down 25.5" deep. This only applies to all of the edges that will not sit against a solid structure . fridge, stove, or a wall these edges are flushed with the cabinet w/a Polished Eased edge. 

Now grab a calculator & let's get to some measuring math!


Square footage for a restroom vanity (RED circles indicating overhang):
36" w/overhang = 37.5 (Length) x 21" w/overhang = 22.5 (Depth) ÷ by 144 = 5.86 round up your total is 6 . ft. 

Example #2

Square footage for a kitchen (RED circles indicating overhang):

144" w/over hang = 145.5 (Length) x 24" w/overhang = 25.5 (Depth) ÷ by 144 = 25.76 round up your total is 26 . ft. for one end and since the example below is the same size on the end of the countertops simply double the number above to = 52 which is now the square footage of the countertops.

Now get YOUR measurements & multiply them to the total . ft. cost!
CALL us & we can do all the work for you!. We'd love to, it's what we do best!