Ayala Custom Stone - Home Decor & Much More!
The ACS everyday deal

With client *granite (with your purchased or existing stone ACS can custom fabricate it) for just $23.95 we can offer you our  proficient engineering techniques & knowledge PLUS the following added perks:

+Step by step guidance.
+Hauling of your stone from the stone yard to us.
+Custom fabrication.
+Custom edging (4 options) ~ click here for options.
+Demo of your **FORMICA countertops at a discounted rate.
+Haul off of your existing countertops.
+Professional installation.
+Faucet hole cutout (up to 2 @ no charge).
+Topmount sink cutouts @ $30.00+.
+Natural stone protecting sealant lasting up to 6 months.

ALL orders over $1,700.00+ include a FREE Stainless Steel 50/50 Kitchen Sink or Porcelain Restroom Sink(s) w/polished cutout purchase.


------FREE in town estimates & deliveries------

WOW, did you know that natural stone countertops increase the value of your property, adds protection to you & your family from bacteria that invades most  made material? All while bringing a fresh new look to any area in your home or office.


*Stone other than granite is $33.95 a . ft. & up for fabrication.
**Tile or other hard surface countertops are $5.00 a . ft. & up.