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Our helpful little tidbit
So you just bought a slab of granite at
120” x 76” = 63.33 SF & your kitchen is 54 SF so you think PERFECT it will all fit on one slab. That is the ideal way thinking unfortunetly it's not the way it works with granite. All cuts in stone are almost never "cookie cutter" like & there are "throw away" pieces.  It all depends on the style/shape of your countertops.  Also keeping in mind the raw edges all around the slab of stone are dead areas that need to be squared off so that alone will shorten the amount of stone coverage per slab. 

We hope this information is a helpful to you but should you ever have ANY questions please contact us we will be more than happy to assist you in anyway. 

Please see the few examples below to determine your style kitchen with that information at hand we can help to provide a more accurate rough estimate when calculating your job before we even get to your home to preform  our precise measurements. 

L shape kitchenAirplane shape kitchen

U shape kitchenRectangle shape kitchen