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Man made Stone Maintenance
Oh this igneous rock
5 reasons, benefits & educational facts for granite use


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Man made Stone Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of engineered (man made) stone countertops
Engineered stone countertops are made of 99.9% solid material, leaving very little space for harmful bacteria and other microorganisms to live and develop. They are resistant to heat, cracks, chipping, stains, and harmful chemicals. They generally require low maintenance, and do not require a lot of cleaning time. These features make engineered stone countertops appealing to most kitchen designers and homeowners.
Because they are made of nonporous materials, engineered stone countertops do not require regular sealing to prevent staining, unlike other countertops made of natural stone.

Oh this igneous rock

Granite is a truly unique and versatile type of material that many homeowners (and even long time renters) choose to get for their home because it is strong, more scratch-resistant and resistant to heat than most other solid surfaces out in the market these days. Not to mention the stone has some amazing designs in it that can dazzle your eyes and really make your kitchen or any part of your home look amazing.

Granite is a form of igneous rock. This means that granite is molded out of magma. Such volcanic rock is famed to be one of the hardest and densest rocks in the world.

5 reasons, benefits & educational facts for granite use

1. Granite adds a sophisticated & luxurious appearance to any location in your home, office, or outdoor area. In the past decades, granite has been a viable alternative for kitchen countertops. For renovation or new homes alike, granite has hugely grown in popularity for homebuyers, renovators, & builders alike.

2. Granite adds a significant amount of value to your property, especially in terms of resale [deleted word “value” – repetitive]. While it may look like you spent a fortune on your countertops, the reality is  granite is the most inexpensive natural stone around, but that will be our little secret.